Friday 1 April 2011

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2011 - Day Five: And now for something completely different

This subject has, I'm sure sent a cold shiver down many people's back.  I was all set to do a video with the webcam I got ages ago, when I realised I just wasn't well enough.  I really was going to make a video, after many months of procrastination and I had even decided to do a FO Friday post, because I didn't have any tutorials to film.   However, as I am coming down with a cough, and really didn't want to have to do loads of editing on my first video to cut out the coughs and splutters, I decided to give it a miss.

So with that excuse in mind, I have created a little slide show of ALL the Finished Objects from the last year.

I hope that is different enough for today's topic, it was certainly a first for me, making a slide show.  Oh by the way, the music track was written by my OH and me in 2003, back in the days before I got too ill to sing and play woodwind instruments.  Finding that track again, brought back some fond musical memories.  I guess this is my version of "interpretive modern dance" Eskimimi talked about, in her topic instructions (I have a degree in the Performing Arts don'cha know!).

Apart from the bleeding eyeballs from reading blog posts, I am really enjoying this week of blogging.  I am struggling to keep up with all the wonderful new (to me) bloggers out there.  If you want to see how other creative types have tackled today's topic, click here to see a list of posts on Google.  The posts will always come up, whenever you click on this link, so you have weeks to read them all, if you want!


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