Saturday 2 April 2011

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2011 - Day six - Something to aspire to

Phew - this week has been a blur of amazing blogs and fascinating insights into the myriad ways of crafting.  If you want to look at today's posts from the participants, click here and you'll get a list in Google.  That list isn't going anywhere so you can spend as long as you like going over the amazing entries (especially yesterday's which were incredible).

This last year has been more about practicing existing techniques to become more confident.  This happened mainly because I was learning to sew and most of my learning energies were being plowed into that.  Now I feel more comfortable with sewing I will probably start pushing myself a bit more on the knitting front again.

In particular I was to push myself on the design front.  I still have not created a fully designed garment from scratch that fits right.  I am determined to get this right this year.  Speaking of which, this garment which I designed myself,

Hateful Huge Tunic

(good grief I'd forgotten how awful it was) is going to be frogged and made into something else.  It is hopefully going to be made into this:

Image from Interweave Knits

This is Betty's Tee from Interweave Knits - Spring 2010.  This tee, is made using entrelac, a technique I have been fascinated with since I started to knit, and still have not tried.  Having the yarn for this pattern, and the magazine, I plan on knitting this particular garment to learn entrelac and also to get a nice tee!

Anyway back to the designing, which is the area I want to improve on.  As well as designing a garment from start to finish (that doesn't look the monstrosity above) I want to design my very first lace shawl.  I have knit many shawls over the past year and I think I now have my head around how they work, so I really want to design one for myself.  I have some great lace weight and sock weight yarns to play with so I am sure that will push me into following through with this particular aspiration.

Other than those two aspirations for the coming year, I think my main one has to be to knit some of my lovely stash.  I spent a couple of hours last night looking at my Spring/Summer weight yarns and matching them up with patterns I really wanted to knit.  I've got around 5 that are now in my queue.  I really want to try and knit at least 2 of them over the next few months.   I have lovely yarn and I'm going to use it!

Other than these simple plans (which I may, or not, stick to) I just want to carry on knitting with pretty yarns and making nice things that are useful and beautiful.


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