Friday 4 March 2011

Something to Help Me

When I got the lovely yarn for my new shawl, that I told you about on Wednesday, I looked around for a bag to put my new project in.  I couldn't find one, because my other fabric project bag, has my socks in.  I really love the small fabric project bag I made a while ago and had planned to make another one.  In fact I had the fabric set aside to make another one ages ago.  It was pulled out of the stash and placed in my "must get to soon" pile.  That was about 6 months ago!  So now I knew that I wanted to make this project bag I decided that I would make some adjustments to the existing bag.

This project bag is not round.  I wanted to make a simpler bag, so I cut 4 rectangular pieces of fabric, sized 17" x 18".  I cut two pieces of flamey fabric, and 2 of the blue fabric.  I then cut these pieces in half midway up the longer edge.  I then sewed each of the flame pieces to a blue piece, ensuring the flames were going in the right direction, two with the flames at the top and two with the flames at the bottom.  This was to make the inside opposite to the outside.

I used fusible fleece on the outside fabric pieces, that was applied after the top and bottom of each piece was sewn together, being careful not to wrinkle the seams in the process.

I made two fabric tabs, by cutting two pieces of flame fabric, 3" x 5".  I ironed 1/2" of the two short ends of each piece of fabric to the wrong side of the fabric.  Then I pressed the fabric in half along the long edge.  I pressed again the long edges to the central fold, before folding the edges inside, like making bias tape.  I stitched around the edges of the folded pieces of fabric about 1/4" from the edge.

Placing the inner pieces of fabric right sides together, ensuring the central seams matched on each side, I pinned all the way round.  I then folded the tabs in half and placed the folded edges between the right sides of the fabric about half way up the blue pieces of fabric, with the ends towards the right sides of the inner pieces of fabric. 

I then seamed 1/2" from the edge of the inner bag pieces, along the two long edges and the the bottom edge, leaving a 3" gap in the centre of the bottom seam.  I seamed the outer pieces in the same way, without the gap.  I made a box bottom on each piece, 3" from the corner seam.

I turned the outer piece the right side out and placed it inside the inner piece.  I pinned the top edges of both pieces, right sides together and then sewed around the top about 1/2" from the edge.  I then turned the bag the right way around through the gap in the bottom of the inner piece.  I finger pressed the top edge and sewed around the top of the bag about 1/8" from the top.  I sewed up the turning gap on the bottom of the inner piece and then got busy with my eyelets!

I used 8 eyelets, which were applied according to the instructions in the pack, and were spaced approximately 4" apart and 1 1/2" from the top seam.  I sewed snap fasteners to the top of each tab inside the bag.

The tabs allow me to run the yarn used in projects, up the side of the bag to avoid yarns getting tangled in the bag.  I particularly wanted these tabs as I was going to be using the bag for my shawl, which has stripes.  It will also work well when I am making two at a time socks.  I wanted the tabs to be open ended so they yarn could be removed and added when wanted, which will be useful if I'm doing fair isle or intarsia.

I ran a piece of ribbon through the eyelets to show how it will be fastened,  but I intend to get a piece of navy cord to use.

I am really pleased that the fusible fleece I used, ensures that the bag will stand open on the floor beside me while I work.

The fleece isn't so stiff that the bag can't be rolled up to take out and about.  This bag is quite a bit bigger than my other project bag, which will mean I can use it for larger scale projects.  I'm very pleased I cut the flame fabric in half as I think it would have been too much to have the whole outer bag in flames. 

So now I have another lovely project bag, and I'm really happy with it.  I do love making up bags with my pretty fabric from my stash.  It is always so satisfying to make something you want or need and you don't have to go shopping for it.

As always on a Friday, I am hooking up my favorite linky parties; Tami's Amis for FO Friday, Fiber Arts Friday at Wisdom Begins in Wonder and Fibers on Friday at Visions of Sugar Plums.  All three linky parties can be reached by clicking on the buttons below. There are always some cracking projects to ogle.


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