Thursday 20 January 2011

WPC 2011 - Week 3 - Control

This week's subject of Control for the Weekly Photo Challenge really only had one concept for me.  I knew I wanted to have Pain Control as my image.  I started with all my tablet packs, TENS machine, heat pad etc and took a few photos, but it was too cluttered.  What does that tell you about the amount of pain control I need?

The second batch of images was just of the blister packs.  These images were quite interesting.  The one below I really quite liked.

I liked the sharp contrasts of black, white and grey.  I particularly liked the way the light reflected off the open blisters.  After this batch of photos I decided to pop the pills out of the packs and take photos of those.  I took a few in black and white, but the colour versions worked much better.  In particular this photo really haunted me.  It was the one I submitted.

I took this picture after twiddling with my menu.  Playing with exposure and saturation etc.  I can't for the life of me remember what I did, but looking at the properties of the photo on Picasa I can see that the Exposure Bias is -0.66 and the ISO is 125.  The Saturation is High and the Sharpness is Hard.  I don't know what that means, but maybe it will enlighten me in the future when I understand these things better.

I love how the grain on the wood contrasts with the shiny plastic coating of the tablets.  I think it looks sad and dark and sums up my feelings towards this essential part of my life. This picture only shows the tablets I take before bed. 

Moving away from the depressing thoughts of rattling with pills, I am really enjoying this challenge and seeing all the other great photos on the Group Pool is really inspiring me.  I went to the library this week and have taken out a couple of books on digital photography as I really want to understand what I'm doing with the menus on my camera.  It looks like I might actually start using all the functions at last, rather than letting the software take care of everything for me.  It's fun learning a new skill.

Next week's subject is Colourful.  Do you think I might be a bit predictable and use my yarn stash as my subject matter?


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