Wednesday 19 January 2011

CPH and More Socks

I am making good progress on my Central Park Hoodie.  I have now completed the back (up to the neck) and the left front.  I have even got them blocking!

Apologies for how dark these photos are.  It's a bit dingy here today.

Still I think you can see how nice and plump those cables have become.  I really think this is going to be a great jacket, and I'm half way through the right hand front.  I'm enjoying this knit so much.  Its a dream to follow someone else's pattern and not want to adjust it.  I can knit without overly taxing my brain, which is exactly what I wanted when I cast on this project.

In addition to the CPH, I have been knitting another pair of socks.  I have been following the instructions in the new book I got.  I have to say, I am very impressed with how simple this design is.  I have just got to knit the leg on my first Discovery Sock, so I've been able to try the sock on, and I love the way it hugs my foot.  It looks very strange off the foot though.

The heel shape mimics the shape of the toe, but in reverse.  I thought the decreases might feel strange, but I didn't notice them, when I tried the sock on. It might be different when I wear the socks with a shoe, but I won't know until I have worn them a few times.

The above photo shows the heel.  The last few stitches will be bound off after the leg is finished and I can try it on fully.  I have to confess making the hole for the leg to sprout from was very unnerving, it involves cutting your knitting and unraveling it.  The technique seems to work though and there are no holes.

I hope to have this first sock finished by Friday, so I will model it for you then and tell you more about this technique.  Oh and by the way, I used two circular needles and it works really well.  You get less of a ladder down the side of the sock than you get by doing magic loop on a single circular needle.  I will definitely keep using this technique.

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