Wednesday 5 January 2011


One of last week's WIPs has moved into the FO pile, which I'll tell you about on Friday.  I still have one project to update you on though, the socks.

I am enjoying the simplicity of these socks and the lovely striping as it unfolds.  Knitting Continental style is definitely the way to churn through socks.  I've not spent much time on these since last week but they have grown significantly.  I am so pleased I decided to do two at a time, so that I will have a pair finished once I cast off, rather than needing to start again with the second sock.

It's not much of an update this week, but I'm proud of my progress.

I just wish that the colour striping started in the same place on each skein. They are the same dye lot, but it is a bit irritating to have different socks when you are knitting two at a time.

I also treated myself to some more sock yarn from The Knitting Goddess.  I haven't bought any yarn from this dyer before, but I did see her stuff at the Ravelry Day in 2009 and liked it.  I felt that a purchase from there was a safe bet.  As there was sale I decided to treat myself and I bought two skeins of sock yarn.....

.... and a skein of cashmere laceweight.  I've never knit pure cashmere before and it looked so pretty.

Both of these two pictures are a little dark, so imagine both colours being paler.  I'm looking forward to trying some longer socks in the copper yarn and a flimsy floaty scarf in the cashmere.  I'm guessing that these photos may be the last you see of these yarns for a while, as I'm going to put them away until needed and the stash may eat them alive.

Has anyone else bought anything nice in the sales?

As usual I'm hooking up to Tami's Amis for WIP Wednesday.  Click on the button below, to check it out.


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