Saturday 8 January 2011

New Things to Brag About

I went into town this week.  I have wanted to check out the John Lewis sale since 26th January, as it is usually one of the only ways I can actually afford Rowan yarn.  I think I hit pay dirt this year.

This is a pile of Rowan Silky Tweed in the Sooty colourway.  I practically swooned when I saw this.  It is such a wonderful shade, which is really hard to capture in photographs.  The yarn itself is so soft and light with a texture that is only enhanced by the tweedy nature of it.  My only sorrow was that there were only 5 skeins of this yarn left.  That's not really enough to make anything substantial enough to fit anything larger than a teenager.  I was tempted to enhance the potential size of a garment with my usual go to colour of purple, but after looking at the combination for some time, I went back to the sale bin and found this shade.

This shade is called Dazzle and the above photo is a pretty accurate match to real life.  Next to the Sooty yarn this yarn looks amazing.  Now all I have to do is find a pattern, or wing it like I usually do.  I have in mind stripes.  I seem to be having a stripey phase what with the More Than a Triangle Shawl and the two new stripy Kidsilk Haze scarves.  Maybe I'll just use blocks of colour instead.  I wish I had been able to get more of the Sooty so that I could make a cardigan, as it would look amazing and would have been very very wearable.  However, the more I look at the Dazzle the more I wish I could go back and buy more, but my bank balance won't let me.

In addition to my lovely new yarn I found one of my favorite fabrics of last year in the sale rack.  Daisy Chain by Amy Butler.

I got two metres of this, which I think would make a wonderful shirt dress in the Summer.  Maybe by then I will be confident enough to try making something that tricky  I love this fabric enormously so I was delighted to find it so cheap.

In addition to my bargains I got a lovely late Christmas present from my friend Linda, who is leaving for Australia to live.  I shall miss you my friend, but at least I know you will visit!  (oo maybe I should start looking for great Australian fabrics and yarn for her to bring back, when she comes to the UK again).  Anyway this present was bought in Florence and it was so gorgeous I am practically showing it off to strangers in the street.

This gorgeous Italian leather handbag is so cute, and is exactly the kind of bag I would drool over in expensive stores and never buy.  The green is exactly my favorite shade at the moment and shape is just so appealing.

I love how the handles blend into the outline of the bag.  It also has a leather strap so I can hang it off my shoulder, which is useful when one hand is used for a walking stick, you need the other one for doors, drinks, etc, when you go out.

With it's internal zip pocket and mobile phone pocket, it really is perfect for nights out, with enough space for my drugs and lippy!  Thank you Linda, I LOVE my present.  (Face it, if you had one, you'd brag too, wouldn't you guys?)

So I think that this booty must conclude my January yarn buying splurge.  I got some great deals, but my money has now run out.  Thank goodness I got lots of cash for Christmas, cos it's pretty much gone now!  Ah well, only three months until my birthday ;-)


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