Tuesday 2 November 2010

New Pattern Available

If you read my blog posts on the blog page, rather than through a feed reader, you might have noticed that down the right hand side of the page I have listed my patterns that are for sale, or free download.  If you are quite observant you may have noticed that there is a new pattern listed in this column, and also on my Download Page, which gives more details of each pattern.

The new pattern is called Felted Tulip Bag and it is a pattern that I am quite proud of.  Not only is this a knitting pattern, it also has a fully illustrated tutorial showing you how to add handles and make a bag lining, and also how to embellish your felted bags using felt and embroidery.

I have been planning this 17 page document for over a year, and I wanted to make it even before then.  When I started knitting I didn't really do any other fibre based crafts and when it came time to pretty up my knit, I didn't know where to start.  I know there are many knitters in the world who would like to expand their creativity into different areas, but don't quite know where to start.  This pattern is aimed at people who would love to line their felted bags but don't know how to begin the process.  These people don't necessarily want to invest in buying sewing books or working out how to make fabric bags from scratch, but they would like to add a little bit extra to their felting.  These tutorial take the reader step by step with plenty of photographs through the process.  By the end of the project the reader should feel fairly confident about lining other shapes and sizes of bags.

This bag holds vast quantities of stuff, and the one I made last year, barely left my arm all Winter.

The pattern uses 3 skeins of either Colinette Point 5, or Adriafil Baba and 1 skein of Rowan Big Wool.  The body of the bag uses textured and brightly coloured yarn, but the bag can look equally good with a plain body. The handles are either bought ready made, or are made with the fabric used for lining the bag, and attached.

The full pattern and tutorials have been tested and these projects can be seen on Ravelry by clicking here and here.  It never ceases to amaze me how the same pattern can produce such radically different finished projects.  I love both of the bags produced by my kind testers Brendadada of Artemis Adornments and DebbieScally. I would love to own either of these projects myself!

So if you fancy expanding your skills, or just want to make an unusual and pretty bag, this is the pattern for you.  It is available for £4.75 by direct download from Ravelry, either by clicking the link in the right hand column of this page, or by purchasing by clicking the button below:

Felted Tulip Bag - £4.75  


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