Thursday 4 November 2010

Missed my WIP Wednesday Post

I didn't mean to miss the Work in Progress Wednesday post, but I got so wrapped up in the project I was working on, I last track of time and then the light had gone.  I actually got the project finished by the end of the day, and I'm pretty pleased with it.

My project is a sewing one.  I am really enjoying spending time at my sewing machine at the moment.  I'm becoming more and more confident with each sewing session.  My completed project was skirt, which I bought on special offer from Clothkits (the link takes you to my purchase).  I signed up for the Clothkits mailing list at a show earlier in the year, where I saw the skirt I eventually bought.  I didn't buy it at the time because it was a little dear and it was the start of Summer and I thought needlecord might be a bit too warm.  Then about 6 weeks ago,  I got an email from Clothkits with a voucher for 25% off any skirt purchase made within 24 hours.  I leapt at the chance of getting one of their lovely printed skirt kits and when I saw my skirt I snapped it up.  So here it is, in all it's glory.

It sits a lot lower on my hips than I think was intended, but I am really happy with that as it is a fixed waistband.  If there is no stretch in a waistband and it sits on my waist too tightly, then sitting can become very uncomfortable as it presses against my tender tummy.  Having this looseness means I can wear the skirt, even on really sore days.

I love the printed panel around the bottom of this skirt.

Panels like these are one of the reasons I love Clothkits.  If you haven't come across them before, Clothkits are fabric and pattern merged into one.  Basically the pattern is printed directly onto the fabric, which means any panel, like the one above, can be placed accurately and the maker doesn't need to waste fabric getting things to match.  I really like their linen skirts with photographs printed on the fabric.

From Clothkits Website

They also have some wonderful skirts with artwork printed on.

From Clothkits website

There are also massively cute kids clothing and toys and bags.  It really is a great concept in producing really fabulous clothes.

I think with this skirt I have finally got the hang of zippers inserted in seams.  Maybe I'll get confident enough one day to put one in the back instead of the side.

Sewing corduroy was a new experience for me, and I really enjoyed it.  The nap helped keep the fabric stuck together while I was sewing and it feels nice and substantial on the sewing machine.

I decided, with this make, to do as suggested in the pattern notes and hand stitch the hem and the inside of the waistband.  While it did take much longer, it is definitely neater looking and it meant I could do all that stitching on the sofa.  This was a boon after all the time sat at the sewing machine.  (If only I could set up a sewing machine table that I could use while laying down!)

The pattern instructions weren't perfectly clear, but, as I have done a couple of patterns now, it didn't cause me too much trouble.  I think though these kits are supposedly aimed at people who haven't done much sewing, I think in truth it will help if you have done some.

Basically I love my skirt and the fabric is lovely.  Its a great addition to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  I feel quite proud that I have managed to increase the size of my wardrobe this season with minimal buying of finished clothes and with more making.  I am pretty sure that a pair of woollen trousers may be next on my sewing list, but I might wait until it has got a little colder before I reach for the scissors.  I think my knitting is feeling a little bit ignored!


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