Wednesday 20 October 2010

Progress Report for WIP Wednesday

I haven't got any progress on my blanket to show you.  I have done NONE since last week.  I think I have overdosed a little on baby knits.  I wanted to do something for a grown up, namely me.

I have been working all week on my cardigan in Ethical Twist.  This yarn is scrumptious. I have enjoyed every minute of working with its yummy softness.  This is why I have pretty much devoted myself to it's knitting, the yumminess and the increasingly cold weather.

The shaping has worked out really nicely and I love it's length, which is about mid-thigh.  The broken rib, which provides the only decoration of this cardigan (except the buttons and I haven't chosen those yet) is a beautiful stitch that I've never used before.  I stole it completely from the Essential Cardigan and I am so glad I did.  It looks like a rib, but it doesn't pull the fabric in the same way, but prevents curling.  As I'm making a close fitting cardigan I didn't need to have the fabric pull in any more than it already does.

At the bottom of the cardigan I have cast off in the rib with the right side facing, and I really like the look of the cast off edge.  I will repeat this on all the cast off edges.

The front of the cardigan looks a little strange because the centre panel of it is a really wide button band.  I have started the mammoth task of knitting the really wide button band, but it is slow going on a long line cardigan!  As the bands are going to be really wide, I will probably use some short row shaping to stop the back of the neck rolling over.

Once I have the button bands completed I can move onto the sleeves, and if I have enough yarn left over I will make some pockets too.  I've not done pockets before, but they are pretty essential on a cardigan, you need somewhere put your hands when it's cold!
Speaking of hands, my mobility scooter is a very cold place at the moment, particularly for my hands.  That's because of the wind chill factor felt on the steering bar.  Plus the wind always whistles up you coat sleeves.  So this year I have decided to make really long mittens!

I'm using Big Softie, and it is growing pretty fast.  I should be finished by Friday, so I'll tell you all about it then.  What I can tell you is this, my hands are going to be soooo toasty warm this Winter!!

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