Tuesday 14 September 2010

Another Birthday Boy

I recently told you about a birthday boy. Well I had another one this week. My nephew reached the ripe old age of 7 years old - and I really don't know how that happened! His older brother had his birthday earlier in the year and I made him a bag. I always planned to make this birthday boy a bag - with a book inside - the way I did for his brother. I even bought the material, months ago.

I decided that this bag would be quite different, as each boy is very different.  My young nephew is a very active boy, who is constantly on the move.  I wanted to make sure that the bag I made for him would fit in with this aspect of his personality.  I bought fabric that was rugged and water resistant.  It was also camouflage fabric.

I decided to make this bag a rucksack.  I used tape for the straps and bought some plastic sliders.

It was only after trying on the bag for photography purposes that I found out that one of the sliders was put on upside down and I had to disassemble one of the straps.  At least I found out before I wrapped it up and sent it across the country.  I would have been gutted it it hadn't been usable.

The bag was a simple flat bottom structure, made from a tube of fabric.  I kept the seam at the back, so that pattern wasn't disrupted at the front.  The straps are attached at the bottom seam, and also at the top, under the casing.

The casing was made with a strip of fabric 2" wide, that I folded over like bias binding.  The casing covered the top of the bag, where the interior and exterior elements of the bag needed joining, along with the straps and bag flap.  It kept the top all neat and tidy and allowed for a space in which to thread the shoe lace I used to close the bag.

I also had cord sliders to hold the bag shut, or open it up.  I think the the cord and strap sliders added a touch of the commercial to the project.

The flap doesn't fasten down, but I think it is large enough to cover the top of the bag, even when it is full.  I curved the corners of the bag flap to follow the shape of the bag opening.

This bag should be tough enough to be thrown around in the rain, or used to hold football boots, so I hope that my nephew gets lots of fun use out of my creation.  I really enjoyed making it, and I think I found the perfect book for my little sporty guy.

As my nephew is a great a lover of football and of reading, I hope this will be a winning combination.

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