Sunday 28 March 2010

Sewing for Pleasure

On Friday, I went to the NEC in Birmingham to attend the Sewing for Pleasure Show. I haven't been to an exhibition in ages and went with a plan of action in mind.

I didn't have a huge budget to spend so I took cash out of the machine and told myself firmly that I wasn't to use the debit card at the show. I also stated firmly to myself that the only things I would buy would be fabric, beads and a storage container if I saw the right size. I actually stuck to all my good intentions, well with the exception of not using the debit card, but that was because I forgot to budget for lunch in my spending money. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

I bought some amazing stuff and have plans for most of it already. I expected to buy lots of fat quarters but didn't actually see that many stands selling them. I only got one, which was a Japanese fabric, and I love it.

I think it will be great for making something for my nephews at some point. I love the way the musical notes have little faces.

From the same place as the fat quarter I bought more fabric. I cannot recommend this shop highly enough. The quality of all the fabric on the stall was superb and I will be using her online shop in the future, which is My favorite fabric was the cotton linen blends from Japan. The colours were brilliant and the illustrations were captivating. In the end I settled on this one. Aren't the peacocks divine?

I could only afford a metre of this fabulous fabric but felt I could get a reasonable length A-Line skirt out of it, which would display it in all its gorgeousness. I was really tempted to get the Echino Birds Panel fabric but this was less flexible for cutting, as it was one picture across the width of the fabric. I would have had to buy 2m to make the skirt I had in mind, and I couldn't really afford that! But I am very happy with this fabric as it is so different from anything I have ever worn before and the finish of the fabric is delicious.

Also from Eternal Maker I bought this gorgeous fabric.

I love the definition of the black floral print.

It is so strong against the vibrant teal and soft grey. I bought some matching giant rick rack. I adore it and it comes in loads of colours. I plan to lay it along the top of the floral pattern and the spotted section like this:

The rick rack is lovely and soft as well as strong. I think it really adds to the fabric.

I intend to make this into a knee length skirt which will be quite full and flouncy. I want to feel all pretty and swirly in this skirt. I think it will work out ok and I may have a little fabric left to make into something else too! My friend Linda got some fabrics with Vespas on from this stall. I can't wait to see what she makes with it.

My final lot of fabric was from a stall called Fabrics Galore. They don't really supply online so if you get a chance to visit one of the exhibitions where they are showing, have a good look at their fabrics. They are great quality and good prices. I bought a couple of metres of cotton, at £5 a metre and was really pleased with it. I intend to make pyjama bottoms out of this fabric to lounge around the house in!

Again I'm hoping there might be a little left over for another small project.

I love my fabric and I could have bought so much more at the show. I'm pleased I forced myself to stick to cash purchases because if I had allowed myself the use of my cards I could have spent a small fortune on all the wonderful and unique fabrics that were on show.

I bought lots of beads but I think I'll show you those in another post.


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