Saturday 27 March 2010

Hawaiian Quiltiness

I bet you have forgotten all about my Hawaiian Quilting haven't you? Its been ages since I last spoke about it, because frankly all that hand sewing was a little dull. Well dull to talk about, I quite enjoyed doing it. I have finally finished the hand quilting part of my cushion cover.

I particularly enjoyed squaring off the corners. It seems strange to me that something made of curves and dashes can have such a finished edge to it and look so square. I think my stitching is pretty even. I didn't use a gauge for my 1/4" gaps between stitching lines, which does mean the quilting isn't exact, but I think my eyeballing isn't bad considering.

The next step in this series of adventures is to make some piping (if I can be bothered) and sew a zip into the back of the cushion and then make it up into something gorgeous to go on the sofa. I'll keep you posted!


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