Sunday 21 March 2010

Pink Purse

If you read my last post carefully, you will have noticed that I didn't use all my pink yarn on the slippers.

I decided to make a little pink purse to use as an additional gift for Rachael's birthday. I thought it would make a nice gift bag.

This is a very simple construction, involving stocking stitch until I ran out of yarn, with the last few rows knit in garter stitch using acrylic yarn. I sewed up the sides using mattress stitch. The acrylic yarn at the top edge prevented the stocking stitch from rolling over and sticking together. This probably wouldn't have been a problem with such a small project, but I didn't want to ruin the purse by taking a short cut.

Once felted, I cut out the acrylic yarn and then sewed a lining with a zip on the top. I then sewed the lining into the purse. I have to say I wouldn't use mattress stitch in a small felted purse again, as it caused a bit of a lump inside the purse.

Once the lining was stitched into the purse, and the zipper tested, it was all set to receive the lovely bracelet I made for Rachael. Now all I have to do is gift wrap it and find that blasted birthday card that seems to have grown legs.


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