Wednesday 24 March 2010

One last felt

I always try and do multiple felts in one wash, as it somehow feels less wasteful. It probably isn't, because I am constantly having to drain my machine to check on the felting progress, but to felt only one thing as a time just feels wrong.

This means that after my previous felty posts, here is one last felt to tell you about.

This, my friends is what happens to Kidsilk Haze when you stick in the washing machine.

It doesn't look too bad does it. But look closer....

Yes, that is a curled over edge. It is also what is left after I spent 20 minutes teasing one of the folds apart. I couldn't face any more teasing, and I don't think the felt could tolerate any more either.

I love the look of this scarf, which is from Knitting Never Felt Better: The Definitive Guide to Fabulous Felting by Nicky Epstein. It is a book I got for Christmas in 2008 and I cannot fault the book. It has wonderful pictures, is full of information and ideas, but this project did not work for me.

The book suggested using hazel nuts to make the "bubbles", tied with elastic bands. I could never find hazel nuts, probably because my OH does all the shopping. But I did find some wooden beads. In two different sizes no less. This is what the scarf looked like before being felted.

I rather like it! I love the effect of the "bubbles" on the felted scarf, which can be seen in this picture.

But I think the ends felted more heavily than the middle of the scarf, because of the weight of the beads.

This would have worked if the edges of the scarf had not wanted to roll over on themselves. It would have made a lovely soft body of the scarf and the ends would have hung beautifully. However because this was felted in a machine ,and wasn't controlled carefully by hand felting, the edges became quite lumpy. The soft silkiness of the Kidsilk Haze was also lost with the felting. However I think with a soak in some fabric softener would have regained that, if I'd done it before removing the wooden beads. I think if I was to try it now, the puffiness of the "bubbles" would be diminished, though it could be worth a try because it is a little too scratchy to use at the moment.

If I was to try this project again, I would probably try to crochet the edges of the scarf to keep them flat during felting, using an acrylic or cotton yarn. I am really tempted to try this project again, but with my adjustments in technique because it really is very pretty to look at, even if it is scratchy to wear. I'm sure I have another ball of Kidsilk Haze knocking around.....


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