Thursday 18 February 2010

Noro Shawl

Today I took my Noro shawl off the blocking wires and I have to show you how pretty it is! Here it is with all it's full wingspan showing.

You can tell how excited I was about this project because I didn't even wait until I looked halfway decent to take photos. Please don't tell me how ill I look, this is how I look without makeup (which is most of the time and I know I look ill, that is because I am!)

And I am aware my hair is all falling out of the clip!

But just look at my pretty zingy shawl!

I am so pleased with this shawl which was knit using almost 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, starting with 10 pattern repeats and working until I ran out of yarn. It is the perfect size for me and finishes just at my elbow.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed in my opening paragraph a brief reference to blocking wires. Yes I finally succumbed to the need for these marvellous tools of the knitting trade. It makes blocking so much quicker and easier. I love how straight it makes the edges and easy it is to move around huge chunks of knitting to get it to line up properly. I hated blocking before the wires because getting a knit straight used to take dozens of pin movements to move just one edge slightly. It was always very tiring for me stooping over the blocking mats for long periods of time. The blocking wires have reduced the time it takes to block by over a half. I got my blocking wires here. It really was £20 well spent and I can definitely recommend getting a set if you don't like placing your pins!


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