Wednesday 13 January 2010

Responding to the Knit Signal for Haiti

I have just read a blog entry by one of my favorite bloggers, the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  She is funny, frank and she knows how to hit you in the solar plexus.  The entry I just read reminded me that while my life may sometimes be a bit more difficult than I would like, I am warm, I am clothed, I am loved and I have a roof over my head.  This is more than can be said for the people of Haiti at the moment. 

The Yarn Harlot started a movement a few years ago called Knitters Without Borders.  It is a way of knitters joining together and watching how their small donations can make a difference in the world.  The principle is to donate to Medicins Sans Frontieres whatever small or large amount you feel you can afford and then tell Stephanie via email and she will keep a running total.  We can then see how all those tiny little amounts from around the world can add up to a hefty sum that can really help where it is needed, and at the moment it is Haiti. 

Now as a knitter I am happy to see how my part in the donations can add up, through Knitters Without Borders, but I know that some people who read this blog aren't knitters. However......the principle is the same.  Every little amount that is given to any charity is part of something else.  It is joined with everyone else's little donations.  If everyone who read my blog last week donated £10, the price of a takeaway on Friday night, then all those small donations, from my small blog, would add up to £930.  Now that is a big sum to me.  I imagine it is a big sum to you.  Now think about all the other people who could be doing the same.  Doesn't it feel huge?  Doesn't it feel important that you can make a difference in somebody's life instead of treating yourself to that takeaway this weekend?

Please think about making a donation to MSF, they do great work all over the world in times of crisis, war and suffering.  They need every penny they can get, especially with a poor country like Haiti being hit by such a catastrophe.  Every single penny counts, it doesn't have to be £10.  To make a donation go here, and know you are part of something much bigger than you.


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