Tuesday 19 January 2010

More Pretties

After making the earrings for my SIL the other day, I decided that I needed to make something as a special treat for myself.  This January has been all about being selfish.  I have been making things I wanted to make without considering anyone else and it has been lovely.

This particular treat involved the turquoise beads that I have had my eye on for ages.  I went on a tiny spending spree at Mary Clare and picked up the ingredients for a really striking long necklace.  I wanted it to be long because I have lots of nice short necklaces that sit inside the neckline and I wanted one that went over the top of my clothes and added a bit of drama.  I think I have succeeded.

I used one large turquoise pendant and 4 chunky turquoise beads.  The turquoise was interspersed with some interestingly textured silver coloured beads to add contrast.

 I strung the beads on 28 gauge beading wire and used crimped beads on the wire between each bead to hold everything in place.  I used three big loops on each side of the necklace and added a chain for round the back of the neck, so the whole thing sat neatly and comfortably.

I love turquoise and think that this necklace will go with many of my favorite outfits.  When I manage to get a photo of myself wearing the necklace and looking vaguely attractive I'll show you how it looks on.


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