Sunday 31 January 2010

Hexagon Applique Block Planning

At my patchwork class we got the plans for our first block in the sampler quilt we are going to make. It feels very exciting to be working towards my first quilt. The first block uses the hexagon template we used for the pincushion. We are being given free rein of the designs of our blocks so long as we use the template and techniques we are being taught.

This week I spent a big chunk of time cutting out little hexagons of fabric and fastening them on to the paper templates, I had cut out of envelopes. I cut out around 6 of each fabric to give me plenty of hexagons to play with.

One of the great tips that our tutor gave us, was to use a design wall. Margaret explained how flannel fabric "grabs" at the cotton fabric so that the pieces that are cut out can stick to a flannel sheet that is hanging up without needing pins. I decided to go with this tip and bought a flannel bed sheet on ebay in a neutral colour. I then hung it over the back of the sofa and knelt down in front of it and started playing.

The other tip that seemed useful was to photograph the layouts, otherwise you wouldn't be able to compare them easily.

Here is what I came up with.

I really liked this first attempt, however it was too big for the square. Ah well, I think it shows the fabric off quite nicely. I haven't shown you it anywhere else yet have I? I really enjoyed fussy cutting the sheep in the beige fabric and the daisies in the red fabric. But the fabric I love the most is the green fabric with the tiny roses. It reminds me of something that would be in grandmother's home.

The second attempt started well, but ended up messy. The next attempt was starting to move towards the shape I wanted to use.

After a few more attempts at moving hexagons around I finally settled on this version.

I will start to sew the hexagons together and then in the class we will be shown how to applique the blocks to the background fabric.

In the meantime I have some diamonds to start cutting out for the next block. This patchwork business is definitely keeping me busy!


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