Wednesday 27 January 2010

Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM)

This weekend I finally finished my biggest sewing project to date. For me it was HUGE! For most sewing people it would probably be really simple, but a CraftyCripple it was a mammoth task.

One of my most comfortable positions is reclining on the sofa with my legs up. Our sofa has square arms so this position is not really possible without additional support. Until recently this support has been provided by a metal frame and skinny cushion. The one I have isn't as good as the one shown below, but this gives you the general idea.

This recliner was pretty uncomfortable and the metal supports often would dig in, despite the whole contraption being covered with every padded item available to woman. It also provided no support to my head, which meant that having my body in the most comfortable position often lead to my neck hurting. All this suffering has led to my plotting and planning for months as to how this contraption could be replaced with something better, more comfortable and above all more stylish. I am now half way to achieving that goal.

Last week I spent several hours measuring my sofa, measuring myself, working out angles and trying to remember my GCSE maths. I finally worked out all the sizes for the fabric I needed to cut to make the Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM). I then spent the rest of the day crawling around on the floor cutting all these pieces of fabric out. Then I went and lay down on my rubbish recliner and recovered for the next two days.

After I had recovered from my strenuous cutting activities I sat at my sewing machine and sewed all my pieces together and left a gap for the polystyrene beads to be poured in. I then went and lay down on my rubbish recliner and recovered for the next two days. You may notice a pattern forming here - this was the biggest sewing job I have ever attempted and it really made me pay physically.

This weekend I spent many hours playing with my polystyrene beads. I never wish to do so again. They get EVERYWHERE. They stick to everything as they are stuffed full of static and when they are not sticking to you they are running away from you as they are so light the breeze caused by the brush trying to sweep them up causes them to chase across the floor. They are very infuriating - but, and this is a very big BUT, they were the best thing I could have possibly used to fill my reclining cushion.

Here is the finished Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM). Well, it is the lining for the Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM). I decided that the stylish part of the cushion would come after I had recovered from the stress and strain of making the inner part.

It doesn't look much does it, but I assure you, it really is the Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM). Here is me using this fabulous piece of fabric engineering. You may not be able to tell, but that is bliss on my face.

The cushion is in two sections, the body and the headrest. Both have enough space for the beans to move around and adjust to the best position. The cushion is flexible and allows me to either lay back as in the picture or to sit more upright to work on crafts, while having my head supported.

Already I am in heaven with the Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM), but it will be even better when I recover enough to start covering it with some very gorgeous fabric, I bought especially to match our new lounge. I have to warn you, it may be some time before you see the final version of the Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM), but I am sure the wait will be worth it, because the fabric really is stunning.

Until I can share the wonder of the finished product, I will have to go lie down and recover on my Best Cushion in the World Ever(TM)........ ah heaven!


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