Saturday 12 December 2009

Bunny Post

I know I have been rather absent of late. I promise it doesn't mean I'm not busy crafting. I am exceedingly busy crafting. I have one thing I can show you. I figure that the recipient of this Christmas gift is unlikely view this blog, mainly because she is unaware of things like computers yet. She is only a few months old! Little Eve is my friend Emma's daughter and she is a baby I have not had enough time to get to know. It is times like this I am sad not to live closer to my home town. I miss all my friends and family dearly and because of the big "lounge project" this year has been lacking in visits.

This little bunny is based on my Skinny Kitty pattern. I didn't make any reductions on the limbs as I wanted this sweetie to be slightly plumper. I also stuffed the body a bit more than for the kitty.

The ears where made by picking up 3 stitches on each side of the head and shaping it in moss stitch. The two ears were improvised and ended up slightly different sizes which I think gives the bunny a bit of character.

I decided to make the face very simple and used 4 strands of embroidery thread. I recently read a post from UK Lass in the US. She had made a rag doll for her daughter and it only had a suggestion of a face. I saw how much expression could be read from the simplest of embroidery. I think with only tiny marks the expression is created in the mind of the viewer so it will change with each view.

I thought about making a pom pom tail but decided that it would be risky to have something that may fray and come off. Especially as it was a gift for a baby. I crocheted a loop and built up a tail shape and attached it to the body. I think it works well and is certainly less likely to come loose than my original idea.

I used Sirdar Baby Bamboo for the yarn, which is machine washable and very soft and smooth to the touch. I hope it will be loved for it's textures and the size, which is baby grab size. I also hope it is appreciated by the parents for its machine washable qualities!

I only have 2 or 3 projects to finish up this week and then I will be back with new projects that don't involve secrecy. I visit my home town next week and that is my deadline for finishing all my projects, then normal service will hopefully resume.


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