Thursday 12 November 2009

Spoiler Alert - Rachael Do Not Read

I'm pretty sure that Rachael doesn't read my blog. But if she does -


Now that my friend is gone -YOU BETTER BE GONE RACH OR I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE - I can talk to the rest of you in peace. I will tell you all about the "spoiler" in a minute , a little bit further down the page so she doesn't read it by accident. See how clever I'm being, you know.... posting surprises on the internet and everything!

As I have mentioned a couple of times before, Mary Clare's exhibition is coming up shortly. Read all about it here. I have finally finished making another item for the raffle. I like it, but I'm not sure how popular it will be. This is the trouble with making items for unknown strangers, it is hard to gauge whether you are the only person who will want it.

I have knit a bowl from Debbie Bliss Como. We received one ball of this from Designer Yarns for the raffle and given its very small yardage I wracked my brain as to what this one ball could make. I settled on a decadent bowl that could hold bits and pieces beside the bed, like your watch and jewellery.

The yarn is so very very soft as it contains cashmere and it is also pretty chunky. It almost stood up on its own before felting. To keep the interest I decided to only felt it lightly so you could still see the stitches.

I then lined the bowl with pale purple satin, to provide a contrast of texture and colour.

I like how from the top it looks like a silk bowl.

I don't think it needs any further embellishment, but I'm not sure. FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!!!! I don't want the recipient of this prize to be disappointed so please help me out. Thank you.

Now onto the stuff Rachael isn't allowed to see. Basically this is a Christmas present for Rachael that I am so pleased with I can't keep it a secret. How bad am I?

I bought this marvellous yarn from BabyLongLegs. Do you remember it?

Yummy isn't it. Well with this lovely yarn I had much fun playing with stitch patterns. Then I settling on this hat design that I knit for Rachael's Christmas present. Try and imagine a red head wearing it.

The top looks like this.

That is a self covered button in the centre. I bought the batik fabric a while ago to line a bag and decided that the colour worked perfectly with the yarn. It is the first time I have used one of these buttons and they are so easy. I will definitely be using them again, especially on knitted projects. I have lots of bits of fabric laying around which could really enhance future items.

As you might have guessed, I wrote up this pattern as I was going along. I may have to test the pattern myself, with perhaps another skein of BabyLongLegs yarn. I saw some very nice "Plink" on the shop yesterday. I think I better go and count my pennies and go splurge. I have to have one of these hats just for me cos I really really like the pattern, I just hope Rachael loves it as much as I do.


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