Tuesday 13 October 2009

Goody Goody Yum Yum!!!

I got such lovely lovely things in the post today, that I am a giddy girl. Some are things I bought, some things I got for free. Do you want to see what I got....do you......well maybe I should share the loveliness with you nice folks.

Loveliness Number 1

British Merino Aran Wool, kettle dyed by BabyLongLegs, in "Greens". Isn't it lovely? It is ever so sproingy and very very pretty indeed.

Loveliness Number 2

British Merino Sock Wool, dyed by BabyLongLegs, in "Purple PetrolHead." It has long stripes in the most gorgeous of colours. I don't think I will be putting this yarn on my feet, it deserves to be seen by more people.

Both of these yarns were bought by me, after finally giving in to the gorgeous yarns that BabyLongLegs dyes. She is a colour genius and a friend of a couple of the people at my Borders knitting group, Lottie and Liv. They are always using her yarns and the colours really are incredibly vibrant and unusual. If you ever get a chance to buy some of BabyLongLegs yarn or roving, take it, because if you love a certain colourway, it may be snapped up before you talk yourself into spending your pennies. Already the "Purple PetrolHead" is gone, but if you are interested there is still a couple of skeins of the "Greens" left.

Now onto....

Loveliness Number 3

A felted flower brooch, sent to me by Felting in Fibrespace (AKA Beth Connors). I have been reading her blog for some time, and Beth decided to run a little contest. I won it! I was so pleased because I really loved the brooch, that had already been blogged about. It really is a lovely pale yellow. I think it will do really well to close my Comfort Shawl, what do you think?

I never did show you the photo of me wearing the shawl, did I? Well here it is being closed by a jade pin, that I think belonged to my grandmother.

Loveliness Numbers 4 & 5

All the lovelinesses from Fibrespace came in a sweet little box with a bird stamp on the front. The bird on the right is a brooch, which I love, and will probably attach to a lapel on a jacket or coat over the winter months to cheer me up. The button/badge on the left is going linger around in my mind while I work out what to do with it. It is so cute, and pretty it must be used in the right way. It doesn't have a pin, just a loop on the back that could be used to thread something through or be used to sew it to something. Like I said, I will have to ponder a while how to use it to the best.

To have such wonderful things come in the post on the same day, has filled me with much joy. Now I'm off to play with my pretties!


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