Sunday 11 October 2009

Blanket Love

I am finally back to working on my KAL Blanket. It has been languishing in a bag on a high shelf out of my line of sight. I have finally been shamed into starting it again because I promised Mary Clare that I would have something done, even if it was a WIP, for the annual Mary Clare exhibition, held in November.

I decided to start on something quick and easy that would grow the blanket as fast as possible. I settled on knitting two strips 6" wide to be attached to either side of the central panel.

Exciting isn't it? No, it's not, but excitement is not why I love it. I love it because it is knitting at its most elegant and simple, nice yarn being shown off in a smooth sheet of knitting. It is also mindless, so it has been useful while at knitting groups.

Once the blocking is finished and the strips dried out, I will attach them to the centre panel. Remember this?

I then plan on picking up the stitches at either end of the stitched together blocks and knitting for 6" to complete a full border around the centre panel. I think this will be a good solid piece to have ready for the exhibition, to display with the smaller individual squares that I have yet to sew together or even arrange. Then all I have to do is decide what else I want to put into the show.


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