Wednesday 23 September 2009


I feel like death today. I have finally been hit with the lurgy, that has been threatening me for around a week. Yesterday I had a sore throat, but when I went to bed last night the full on cold hit me and I couldn't lie down properly. I ended up surfing the internet until unconsciousness hit me at around 4am. Luckily the OH is away at the moment so I was able to get a relatively normal amount of sleep by staying in bed until 10am (ish). The reason I told you this wasn't to get pity, though I still feel pretty pitiful, it was to talk about Tumblr.

One of the blogs I read had mentioned it, so I decided to have a look at it. Well, I had nothing better to do. I find it quite interesting as a blogging tool. It is ideal for when you want to post a link you find useful, or a photo or some music. It seems to be a way of collecting together all those random pieces of interesting trivia you find on the internet. I like it for this and have decided to start a Tumblr page. I think it is mainly for me, as a way of collecting my favorite internet bits together, as it has a search function that will come in handy. It also is a way for me to blog without typing great swathes of text (like this entry). It will be nice for those days when I don't have much to say, but have found a great tutorial I want to share.

If you want to subscribe to my Tumblr feed, click here. I may put a link up on the website as well, if I decide that I like the format enough to keep using it.


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