Friday 11 September 2009

Knitty: Fall 2009

Today the new Knitty came out. Since I started using Ravelry I have become more and more in love with the whole Knitty concept. Knitty is a free quarterly online magazine which showcases some fabulous designs - for free. A designer's name can be made by being in Knitty, and having their pattern catch the imagination of the online community.

Out of this quarter's patterns, there seem to be a few interesting items that have caught my attention initially. I am sure, however, that as the patterns get knit and new versions get posted online, I will be drawn to others.

Here are some of my initial favourites that may make it into my queue:

Colonnade Shawl by Stephen West

Interestingly shaped shawl which can be fastened with a toggle.

Bel Cardigan by Mandy Moore

Funky short sleeved cardigan with some nice stitch detail and shaping.

Holla by Jennifer Lippman-Bruno

Lovely hoodie, with chunky cables round the hood, arms and v-neck.

Midsummer Night's Dream Sock by Natalie Bursztyn

Nice lace leaf detailed socks, which I could probably widen pretty easily to fit my broad plates of meat.

Hat Heel Sock by Katherine Sperling

Very clever sock construction, working from the heel outwards!

Kernel by Bonnie Sennott

A lovely lace scarf, shown in autumnal colours.

As I said before these are the few that initially jump out at me as interesting. I am pretty sure I am going to try the Hat Heel Sock for my next pair of socks as it sounds so intriguing, I just have to try it! Kernel is something that also has captivated me. The patterns in the scarf are so lovely that I may just have to try it soon. The other projects are interesting and may make it to my queue if I find I just have to have a new cardigan or shawl.

Another thing I do like about Knitty is that is has many "real" models, who come in all sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicity. It gives the knitter more information about whether a pattern might suit them, because lets face it, most people are not built like models. The patterns also have a wide range of sizes available, which is something more publications could emulate. Well done Knitty on another cracking issue, I can't wait to get started on those socks!


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