Friday 11 September 2009

Blog Award

Well I have been tagged for a blog award for the first time ever! I am honored to be the recipient of this fine award and now have to think of 7 things you may find interesting......erm...... could be here for a while.... sing to yourself while I think of something. Oh here is the award by the way.

Ok, Ang (the person who tagged me), here goes nothing:
  1. When I was at university I wasn't at all crafty, I didn't even know how to sew on a button. When I had a skirt that lost a button, I simply used a safety pin, and wore a long jumper. Whilst at a temping job, I stood up in front of the three business men I was working with, the safety pin lost its grip and my skirt ended up round my ankles. Luckily the jumper was long and the men were all gentlemen enough not to laugh out loud as I grabbed my skirt and left the room to rescue my dignity. I quickly learnt how to sew buttons on after that!
  2. I once decided to cut my brother's hair into a trendy style using an electric trimmer and forgot to put the guard on... he had a bowl cut with a shaved back of neck for about 3 weeks. We went to the same school, and I was mortified every time I saw him and everyone laughing at him. He appears to have forgiven me.
  3. Despite doing musicals and choir stuff (including solos) throughout my whole life, I never do karaoke because I am too chicken.
  4. The reason I am a crafty cripple is because I suffer from endometriosis and adhesions. If you want to know more (and are not squeamish) you can find out more here. It is thought that one in ten women of childbearing age have this condition to some degree or another.
  5. My favorite sandwich is cheese and marmite with tomato and mayonnaise YUM
  6. My guilty pleasure is looking at pictures of kittens on the internet (oh the shame!)
  7. At my brother's wedding we played pass the parcel and I was secretly hoping to win (because you never know what is inside that last piece of paper!).
On that final weddingy note, may I remind you that I am celebrating my brother's nuptials by running a giveaway. There is still time to enter, before Sunday's closing date, by posting a comment here.

Now onto the people I am tagging for this award. I believe I have to tag 7, which is actually quite hard because I love so many creative blogs:

Plain Jane Creations
- she is a lovely Australian crafter and photographer. And she wrote the pattern that started my felting mania!

Laylock - not only has an interesting blog, but she has a beautiful and informative website.

UpKnitCreek - because it proves that it is a very small world. I was reading her blog regularly, before finding out that I knew the blogger's mother quite well!

Sasha's Blue Carpet -Sasha is a woman after my own heart. She is articulate, intelligent, feisty and unafraid of showing it. She is also at the beginning of her designing career (oh and I helped her test knit one of her first patterns).

Blog Bletherings - lovely knitting, lovely photos, what's not to like?

TinTockTap - This lovely Scot (that I met in a craft shop!) stitches such gorgeous things, she inspires me to pick up a sewing needle every time she posts.

Eddy G - makes fabulous toys that inspire me to make something just like it, but I never do. I just sit and gaze in wonder instead.

So there you have it - 7 things you might not have know and 7 blogs that you should go and check out! I'm off to tell them they've been tagged!

Remember to go and enter the giveaway!


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