Monday 1 June 2009

Knitting in Somerset

I have had a splendid weekend away. It was gloriously sunny (and have the bright red skin to prove it). My partner and I went to Somerset to spend some time with his family. His parents have just moved in to a new house and we went to have a nose around. The new house is great, but what is even better is the location. They live in a village in the middle of nowhere and the views are stupendous. This is is the view from their back garden.

Even the garden is pretty, with flowers like these.

We took my mobility scooter with us, and I was so glad that we did. On Sunday several of us went for a roam around the country lanes and enjoyed lots of fresh air. Everyone was so friendly and we were acknowledged by everyone we met/saw from across the fields. I suppose in the countryside you don't have to say hello very often, so you still do.

I feel very relaxed after my trip, but also very virtuous because whilst other folks played with the Lego, I managed to get my BSJ finished. This little jacket is adorable and I am almost tempted to cast on another immediately. I won't though because I have other things on my needles. I won't post a photo of the jacket, because there is a very vague possibility that the recipient may see it. If you are on Ravelry here is the project.

Whilst in Somerset, I took advantage of my SIL and MIL. They both have the same size feet as me, so I made them try my Sweetie Wrapper Socks on. Both of them said that the socks didn't feel loose and they should stay up, even though they were designed to fit my much wider feet and calves. I also got my SIL, the gorgeous Juliana to be my foot model. Her legs are much more attractive than mine, plus its easier to photograph someone else's feet, don't you find?

After discovering my socks would stretch and contract for a range of widths, I have decided that other people with UK Size 7 feet may be interested in my sock pattern. I will try and fit in getting the pattern all written up, and I will add it to my new pattern section of the blog. I don't know when I will fit this in, as it seems there are now three patterns I am intending to write up. Why do I set myself these ridiculous goals?


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