Thursday 28 May 2009

Sweet Pink Socks

I have finally cast off on my Sweetie Wrapper Socks. I had intended to knit until the end of the yarn, but eventually I decided that mid way up my calf was long enough, and if I wanted them to be any longer I would have to start messing around with adding width and changing charts. I really really didn't want to mess with the charts! So here are my finished socks.

I wanted to make the cast off a bit stretchier than the last socks I knit. I had read previous ways of doing it and thought I remembered how, so I made it up. I K2, passed the first stitch over the second stitch, then passed the remaining stitch back onto the left hand needle. I then repeated the process until there was only one stitch left and then cut the yarn and threaded it through the last loop and then stitched that loop into the bound off edge. I think it gives a nice frilly edge to the sock, it also prevents my uber tight cast off, cutting off my circulation.

Now those socks are finished I intend to write up the pattern and keep it for future sock knits. I love the toes and I love the heels, so I think I may have at last found my perfect sock technique. I may even get it test knit, if there are enough ladies with generous calves who are interested enough.

For my next project I have lined up a Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, which is being made for my friend who has a baby due in July. I am also casting on a toy project by Alan Dart. The pattern is for a robot and I couldn't resist as I think one of my nephews will love it for Christmas. Both of these patterns should be fun and interesting to do, as additions to my other ongoing projects.


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