Sunday 10 May 2009

To block or not to block?

I have come to an impasse. I can't decide whether to block my newly completed Porom Inspired Scarf (I really must think of a new name, why aren't you helping me with this one? I know somebody reads my blog!). Left as it is, the scarf feels quite dense and the ribbing pulls together, but not all the way because of the pattern. When worn, the ruffles cup the neck beautifully and because of the weight of it, the scarf hangs nicely and doesn't move around.

As you can see, the stitch pattern is actually quite visible. (By the way those are my new glasses). I felt I ought to block this scarf because it had a lacey pattern, and I blocked the Porom hat and it made a real difference. But I keep looking at this scarf and thinking, do I want to mess with it? I think I will take it to my knitting group on Monday and ask for advice. There are so many knowledgeable people at my group it would be a waste, to not pick their brains.

I have finally got my Sweetie Wrapper Socks pattern charts done, for both the front and the back of the sock, and have managed to knit around an inch of the leg.

I am loving these socks so much, it is worth the headaches I have had in writing up the pattern and drawing up the chart, so I can make them again if I want to. Writing it up is also clarifying in my mind how I knit toe up socks with a gusset heel. I think this is the way forward from now on, because the heel looks lovely. I also like being able to try my socks on as I go, so I can check that everything is fitting correctly.

As well as progressing my socks, I have also decided that my blanket has been ignored for far too long. In order to catch up with my lame efforts of the last couple of months, I am going to churn out lots of the plain coloured squares, that make up the side blocks of the blanket. This will move me forward very quickly and then I won't feel so left behind.

In order to move my existing projects forward, I am trying to resist casting on with my latest bargain.

I bought this Patons Jet from Kemps Wool Shop for £0.79 a ball. They have lots of wool on clearance here. I have had bargains from them before and have been pleased with the service. I felt at this price it would be silly not to get some wool for felting. I've not had a new bag in a while, and there is a very nice pattern in this month's Let's Knit (Issue 19). The bag is called Turtleneck and is designed by Kelley Deal and was originally published in Bags That Rock. The bag is felted and then a heavy rib sleeve over lays the felt. It looks lovely and I can't decide between that, a bag from Pursenalities by Eva Wiechmann, or a bag that is going to be in the next Yarn Forward magazine, due next week. It's a very tough call, because all the bags are lovely. I will probably end up doing more than one, I haven't had enough bags recently, and we are in a new season!


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