Thursday 7 May 2009

More Presents

I got some new presents yesterday and today. Yesterday I bought my own presents, but I am very pleased with them.

The fabric is a 1/4" gingham fabric which I plan to use for blocking purposes. I actually wrapped a cut open cardboard box in cling film yesterday so I could use my new blocking technique. However I discovered I don't have a spray bottle to damp the scarf down. I will get the bottle today and then show pictures of my brand new blocking techniques.

The tin is from Gutterman and celebrates the 75th anniversary of the company.

Inside the tin are 4 threads, black, white, red and navy. The threads alone cost more than the tin and I just couldn't resist such a lovely thing in which to store notions.

Plus if I am going to do more sewing in the future, I will need the thread.....won't I?

The other presents I got were in the post this morning and were from my Kitty Swap group on Ravelry. June (Queenholly) sent me a marvellous box of wonderful things and I loved opening up all the little parcels in the box.

The kitty is called Smartie and is different from all the other cats I have received. I don't know what yarn she is knit in, but it is lovely, smooth and silky.

I think my favourite thing in the box was a fridge magnet. It sounds silly, but it is beautiful.

This was also pretty cute.

Oh and yes, the heart shaped tin is full of chocolates. Yum! I will empty that out in no time and then I will start using it to store buttons or beads, because my collection of both is growing.

In knitting news this week, I have finally finished my Porom Inspired Scarf. I think it needs a new name as it has become something much more than a Porom stitch rip off, as my pattern has progressed. I shall have to ponder a while and all suggestions for a new name are welcomed.

After finishing 12 repeats of the stitch pattern, I cast off and then using a 4mm crochet hook I did a round of 1 treble, 1 chain into every stitch along the edges and tried to follow the same spacing along the sides. The second round was simply to crochet 1 treble into each stitch and then cast off. I also did some extras at the corners to keep the frill going.

I have the stitch pattern for the scarf if anyone is interested let me know and I'll post it here for anyone to download. If I do that I will also finish writing the pattern up properly.

I plan to block the scarf to open up the stitch pattern, but that won't be until tomorrow. Expect more photos once that is done.

For now I am going to go back to knitting another of my long standing WIPs (Work In Progress). I am determined to reduce them down to only a couple at a time. I can't stand all the bags of projects knocking around, I simply can't find ANYTHING!!!


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