Tuesday 28 April 2009

Gifting Knits

I decided a little while ago that when I was gifting my knits I would try and give care labels to the recipient, so that they would know how to care for their gift. I have found several ways of doing this and thought I would put some of the links here, in case others found them useful.

For those who are interested in pretty designs, without much technical know how, Laylock has put some free printable gift tags on her blog, that come with space for you to fill in the garment care symbols by hand.

For printable gift tags, with less knitting related subject matter, Magical Kingdom offers free gift tags of many types.

As someone with a bit of technical know how, I have decided to make my own gift tags using, Open Office Draw. This is a free open source program available here. It is part of the OpenOffice suite of programs and does most of what Microsoft Office does, but for free. It also allows you to open and edit Microsoft programs.

I also found a great source for all the graphics that are used in European garment care labels. There are several different graphical formats available here, so making your own tag should be possible, whatever software you are using.

If you want to add some clip art to your tags, there is plenty available for free on the internet. Here is one place to get you started, and here is another.

My gift tags are very ordinary to look at, as I have not added any graphics, but I hope that they reassure the recipients of my gift that I care enough about my gift to want it to be cared for in the best way, for a long time to come.


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