Monday 23 March 2009

Quick & Cute

In line with my recent determination to post more frequently than once a week, I am going to share a quick and cute project I finished last night.

My friend has recently had a baby girl. I made her a crochet blanket when we didn't know what gender the baby was going to be. Of course once the baby was born and I knew I had an excuse to knit in pink, I had to knit a baby hat. I couldn't find what I wanted for free, so I raided the patterns at Mary Clare. I found a leaflet with 4 baby/child hats by Sirdar. As a lot of my friends are having babies at the moment I felt I could justify splashing out on a leaflet.

The pattern has flowers embroidered but I think the lace is enough decoration. Here is another shot with Panda modelling the hat at a rakish angle.

I may also use up what is left of the pink yarn by making some pink booties, do you think I'm going overboard??


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