Wednesday 18 February 2009

Filing System for Projects

Since starting to use the great and marvellous Ravelry, I have LOVED keeping track of my stash and my projects online. But, one thing that I can't keep track of online is the feel of the yarn I use. I also want to keep track of care instructions and any swatches I knit up.

I hope this doesn't come across as being a control freak, wanting more organizing than Ravelry provides and the blog supplements, but it comes back to my administration background. I like being able to lay my hands on things when I want them. To scratch this administrative itch, I have decided to make use of a gift I got for Christmas, from my friend Emma.

As you can see, this box was designed for photos, but it is perfect for what I want. Inside the box there are dividers. I have bought a pack of 6" x 4" index cards and have started my catalogue box.

I can keep the ball band of the yarn I use, and have somewhere to double check the care instructions for any finished object. (I don't want to felt anything unless it's intentional!) I will also try and keep a sample of the yarn that matches the ball band, to remind me when finished objects are given away. I can then decide if I want to buy the yarn again. I also plan to put any details of gauge and sample squares in this box. Its a good size and I hope over the coming months and years it will become very full of vital information. I do like the efficiency of Ravelry and pouring my thoughts out onto my blog, but nothing beats having the yarn in front of you to touch.


  1. wow... I dont think you are a control freak... I wish I was more organized!

    I really think that is a very good idea-- makes a lot of sense to me... also makes me envious!

  2. My friend has very good taste, so its good to be able to use this pretty box, even if it was meant to be for something else.


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