Wednesday 21 January 2009

Inauguration Knitting

I have come to the conclusion after reading Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry yesterday that there was much knitting being done while President Obama was being inaugurated. I assume this was a combination of knitters always knitting when given the opportunity, and the inspiration of all the knitted accessories on display during the ceremonies. In honour of the day in question, I have re-named my angora gloves Inaugural Gloves, as they were finished off during all the tv coverage.

I was inspired by the new President's speech and hope that he can live up to, just a part of, what everyone expects of him. As a Brit, I had no part to play in electing this charismatic man, but I am impressed that the American public chose to follow a path of hope in troubling times. So often, reports on global politics are sad and troubling, but for once there was much happiness and optimism on the news. Inauguration Day was really an extraordinary moment in history and I look forward to seeing what happens next. Now, away from the politics of yesterday, and back to the knitting!

These gloves are so warm and fluffy, they feel like I am wearing nothing but warm air around my fingers. However, the gloves are a little large. This is because the pattern called for fingering weight yarn and I used double knit and didn't really allow for the difference. I think if I was to do gloves again, I would use this concept but work out my own pattern according to the gauge.

I don't know whether to try and "rescue" this project by felting them to shrink them to the correct size or not. They seem to stay on my hands alright, and they keep my hands warm, so I don't know if I should mess with them or not. I have a spare finger (I don't know how this happened, but it did) which I will try to hand felt to see how much it shrinks and how the appearance will differ. I think felting the angora will reduce the fuzziness, which I don't know if I will like. But, that is why we test felt, no? I will post a before and after picture after I've tried it out.

As well as watching tv, I was at college yesterday, and we were introduced to flaps and ridges.

I am really enjoying learning about new textural theories. Hopefully, I will have an occasion to use my new knowledge soon. I think we are going to be given a new project to practice our nascent skills on, in the near future.

In the meantime I am knitting more blanket squares.


  1. An extra finger? Like in the Princess Bride?
    Can you tuck the extra one inside, graft it shut, the cut it off?
    Like Lucy Neatby's chimney version of the kitchener stitch?

  2. LOL thankfully the extra finger is not actually attached to the glove. This pattern starts with knitting all the fingers and thumbs and then joining them to start knitting the body of the glove. I made an extra finger that I didn't need to knit the gloves.

  3. Oooooee, the yarn you used for your gloves looks absolutely positively delicious!

    Did you have any success in your spare finger felt experiment?

  4. The yarn is gorgeous, its a Louisa Harding, which I adore. She has beautiful, unusual yarns and stunning patterns too.

    I haven't got around to the pinkie experiment as I have another knitting emergency. One week to knit a birthday present. Will post more about it later.


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