Friday 3 October 2008

Less Starting, More Finishing Required

ARggghhhhh! I have no strength of will. Its only the thought that I am not alone in this problem that is keeping me sane. I keep starting new projects before finishing the old ones. My WIPs are getting out of hand. And now I have fewer excuses about being held up. I got my lovely bag handles in the post yesterday.

I got them from Get Knitted, along with some more lovely Knit Picks Harmony Options. They make me drool. Aren't the colours pretty? I love the principle of being able to swap needles all the time, and leave the project on the cable.

But above all they are so nice to knit with. They are lovely and smooth and light. I also find that my hands fit better around the circular needles than the straights, though of course I do still use straights, as my WIP photos will show you. Though that is probably because I don't have all the sizes yet. I am collecting them slowly but surely, they are my treat to myself whenever I feel in need of cheering up. Speaking of which, I was smiling like an idiot when my shopping arrived, as Get Knitted had thrown in with my knitting items, a pen (always useful) and a Refreshers Double Lolly! I haven't had one of them in years, and I felt like a child again as I tucked into it, whilst casting on.

Ah yes, casting on. I did rather a lot of that over the last couple of days. Its because I finished my "Little Acorn". I finally crocheted my strap so that I can hang the bag over my body. I love making things for myself, because they end up being the right size for me.

So now that project is done I started to think about what came next. And I couldn't decide, so of course I just cast on all of them! Now I have the bag handles, I thought I'd better finish knitting my squares to be felted.

Then I realised that I have to do the stripey hat for college next week. I did a swatch (aren't I good) and then cast on, I even managed a couple of rows of ribbing.

And then yesterday I was feeling down because my favourite (shop bought) socks were full of holes. They are years old and I've never seen them anywhere. So I decided, I know I'm going to try and make my own pattern to replace these lovely socks. So I found these instructions and started swatching. After a couple of inches I started working out the pattern of my socks, and I think I have it. I measured and counted and then ripped it apart. I have scrawled my pattern down and measured my strangely deformed feet. (This is why I am so sad about my favourite socks, it's hard to find one's that fit properly) And at last I cast on for real.

So I will try and knit my very first pattern. It may well go horribly wrong, but I have high hopes (I can be very stubborn sometimes).

So there you have it. An awful lot of things started, and only one thing finished. Lets hope that there will be plenty of finishing over the next week or so, if only to clear some of the debris from around the sofa.

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