Monday 6 October 2008

I love my Sock Blockers

I have just bought some sock blockers, they came in the parcel of loveliness from Get Knitted last week. I didn't mention them because I was so preoccupied with beating myself up over the amount of projects I had started. I have only ever finished one pair of socks, but I like to think that they were very tricky socks, and as such probably count towards a much higher stitch count than normal socks. Well I certainly knitted each sock at least twice, after the amount of ripping I did, during the project. With this very limited amount of sock experience, you may think it strange that I buy sock blockers, but I have good reason, honestly.

You see, I took a photo of my lovely new socks and the photo was terrible. I wore it on my strangely deformed foot and took a photo from above.

It's an awful snap isn't it? I then made the mistake of reading the forums on the lovely and wondrous Ravelry, where people were talking about sock blockers. Hmmm, I thought, this could work for me. It will certainly make taking photographs of socks more straightforward, thought I. So I ordered my sock blockers and I duly blocked my socks, and just look at the result. Are they not perfection in purple? You see, buying the sock blockers will inspire me to knit more socks. I need socks, I live in them. I spend all day wandering round the house in socks. Pretty socks make me feel better about life, so I need to knit more socks, and having sock blockers will encourage this activity. I told you I had good reason to buy sock blockers!

After blocking my socks I don't even have to photograph them on the sock blockers, the way I thought I would. They have retained their shape beautifully. They now look like proper socks instead of mangled knotted wool. Oooo I'm so excited. I can't wait to finish my next pair of socks.

Oh and on the subject of finishing projects, I managed to get my Pixi Hat project finished in time for college tomorrow. So what do you think, do you like the model? The pompom took eons to wind, but I think it was worth it. Now I've done a baby hat, I will have to attempt an adult size next. But first, I think I'll try and finish another of the many projects I started last week.

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