Friday 26 September 2008

More Knitting Less Buying Needed

I have been doing far too much buying of yarn and patterns of late. My personal favourite is a pattern for a ribby cardigan here - from Chic Knits, bought because I couldn't resist it. It is my ideal top and is exactly the sort of thing I would hunt high and low for in the shops and never find. So I saw it and couldn't stop myself from buying it. My only saving grace is that I had to pay in dollars, and we all know what the exchange rate £ to $'s is like at the moment so it felt like a real bargain. I don't know when I'll knit it, because I already have far too much to do, but I know that when I eventually get round to it, I'll live in it, and probably knit several in different yarns.

I also seem to be wasting too much time surfing all the knitting blogs, shops and websites. I'm spending so much time learning about my new passion, I'm not actually doing any at all. I must STOP this at ONCE! In fact I shall stop blogging right now and go and knit something instead. Hopefully my next blog will have some photos to show progress.

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