Thursday 24 April 2014

CFTCSPRINGKAL - Miss Winkle in Pink!

A while ago I decided to join in with the Crafts from the Cwtch Spring KAL, because the pattern they decided to knit was Miss Winkle by Martina Behm, and we all know how much I enjoy her designs. I hadn't taken part in a KAL (other than my own) for quite a while and thought a single skein of sock yarn and a nice garter stitch pattern would be fun and easy to knit on whilst, joining in with something. I really like Sarah's blog and thought her KAL would be good to take part in.

If you don't know about this pattern, it is a biased, elongated triangle in garter stitch with garter stitch loops along one edge.

Miss Winkle 01

These loops fascinated me and I couldn't work out how it had been done, so really the KAL was just an excuse to buy the pattern and find out.

The yarn I used was from stash, and I bought it in January 2011 from The Thylacine. I bought the yarn when the dyer was living in the UK, but she now lives in Australia so I haven't bought anything from her since then. The sock yarn was Flinders Sock and has 70% merino and 30% seacell. It was the first time I bought something with seacell and that explains the pinkness of this yarn. I bought this colour because it was the only skin with the seacell in it. I wouldn't really go for such a light and dusky pink, as it was ingrained that it didn't suit me, simply because of the colour I dyed my hair for 15 years, which was dark red.

This hair colour doesn't really go with dusky pink! So the poor yarn sat in my stash for ages and I thought it was time for it to be knit, especially as I still hadn't knit with seacell.  I have to say, that I really enjoyed knitting with it. The seacell was a small part of the  yarn but it gave it texture and a slight slubbiness that I liked. It also gave variation to to the yarn as it didn't seem to take the dye as deeply as the merino.

Miss Winkle 02

After assuming I wouldn't keep the scarf, and that it was simply an exercise in knitting something interesting, with yarn I hadn't knit with before and joining in with a group whilst doing so, I discovered, it actually suits me now!

Miss Winkle 03

I think I simply forgot to look at different colours I could wear once I changed my hair colour.  I love how this shawl drapes as it is quite a heavy yarn because of the seacell. It feels soft and I really like the way it sits round my neck. Now I've tried it on, and looked at the photographs of me wearing it, I think I will actually keep it. It's something different from my usual accessories, and different is always good!

I talked about this project on my latest podcast episode, which went live last night. If you are interested in hearing what I've been up to over the last month or so whilst being sick, check it out here.

One of the things I talked about on this episode is a giveaway that has generously been donated by Countess Ablaze.

Lyndsey of Countess Ablaze has very kindly offered a great prize to you. TWO skeins of This Ain't A Scene on Tia Merino (single ply superwash merino fingering weight - 400 yards / 366m) and a black tote bag (380mm wide x 410mm deep) with long handles, to put it in. Lyndsey has kindly offered to post these items worldwide to the winner.

I love this colourway and used it to make one of my many Sockhead Hats. It's bright and fun, just in time for the warmer weather. As you have two skeins you could make a matching set of hat and long mitts, or maybe a large shawl. I think Concavus would work brilliantly as a showcase for this yarn.

I have opened a thread on the Ravelry Board, and the contest closes on Friday 16th May 2014 (to give International entrants a chance I'll close the thread when I get up on Saturday morning. To enter you have to be a member of the group and state what your favourite colourway and base would be from Countess Ablaze, if you could choose from any of her current work.

Lyndsey very rarely does giveaways, so I'm especially grateful to her for being so generous.  I hope I can tempt you, as much as I've been tempted by her yarns over the last couple of years, they are wonderful to work with and her colour sense is incredible.

I have shared the giveaway with the blog readers and podcast listeners because I know they are often separate groups and I want everyone to get a chance to win this amazing prize.  Good luck!


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