Friday 7 March 2014

Squishy Yarn

I have good news, I can start spinning for the Stitched Together SAL (#STSAL2014).  I have cleared my favourite spindle and I have found a bag that fits my punis, so they can lay nice and flat, whilst waiting to be spun.  Have you seen Nic's Knots, Karrie Bags?  It turns out that these bags are the perfect width for my Fondant Fibre punis to lie flat in!

Nic's Knots Bag

The above photo shows my Karrie Bag.  All my punis, along with all my lovely spinning things, fit inside with room to spare.

Malachite Punis 01

As you can see from the above photo, I have started playing around with the punis, to see what I should make with the fibre.  I'm still not sure.

Of course, you are probably interested in the yarn that arose from my need to free up my favourite spindle. It is gorgeous!  I already told you about how I made a decision about how to spin this yarn, the Fondant Fibre MCN Nests.  All the preparation really paid off.  It's completely reinforced the lesson of why you should spend some time making samples in order to get the yarn you want.

Deeply Dippy 03

I am delighted with this yarn.  By the way, have you seen Daisy Bun Boo Designs bags?  I bought a couple this week, and one of the bags (the Extra Large version) was perfect for storing my part finished yarn, whilst wound on my niddy noddy.

Daisy Bun Boo Bag 04

It is an enormous bag, and I was delighted I had found something to protect my half finished yarn.  It's very nicely made, with pretty fabric, both outside and in.  Can you see the dainty spotted lining in the above photo?  The circular base of the bag is reinforced with interfacing, which helps give the bag shape, and will hopefully protect the fabric on the base of the bag, a bit better than leaving it un-supported.

Daisy Bun Boo Bag 01

When I bought the bag, I didn't realise quite how big it was, and I intended to use it for larger projects, such as my sock yarn blanket, but when I saw it, I knew I had to try putting my niddy noddy in it.  I couldn't believe it fit so well, that I could secure the elastic draw-string closure on the bag, without pulling.

I always put my plyed yarn on the niddy noddy as I wind it off the spindle, to make room on it to ply the rest of the singles. I then tie the end of the yarn, already wound on to the niddy noddy, to the end of yarn, newly spun on the spindle, and continue to wind it on to the niddy noddy.  That way I end up with only one skein to block and store.  The knot is easily dealt with when it comes to knitting it up.

After the spinning was complete, I soaked the finished yarn for 30 mins in a warm basin of Euclan.  I had to rinse the yarn several times as there was a little bit of bleeding, which often occurs with deeper coloured, hand dyed yarn or fibre.  I then put my hands inside the loop and widened my hands until the yarn was taut and then snapped the yarn a few times, by drawing my hands a little closer together and then widening them back out again quickly, to help even the twist a little.  I decided not to thwack this soft and delicate yarn.

I am very happy with the results of all my preparation.  It is a worsted 2-ply construction.  I got 350m of 3-ply/light fingering weight yarn.  I think it has to be one of the best meterage I've ever got in my hand spinning. The yarn is generally consistent, though there are a few areas where the sections are either too thick or too thin.  For the most part, these sections are in the minority.

Deeply Dippy 04

Of course, now I have this lovely, squishy yarn, I want to play with it.  I am desparate to knit it into something so I can wear it.  My instincts are leading me towards a shawlette, but of course an infinity scarf or moebius cowl could work too.  Basically, I want to wear this ever-so soft yarn around my neck somehow. There are a few patterns that sort of could work but I haven't found anything that jumps out at me.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I really want to use every single scrap of this lovely yarn.

I may end up swatching and then making it up as I go along.  Who knows, this could end up inspiring a new pattern!


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