Wednesday 8 January 2014

Test Knitters Required!

Hello everyone, I have finally managed to get my Ribbon and Rings Cowl pattern written up.  It's a very simple, yet effective cable pattern, that shouldn't take much time to knit.  The pattern writing has taken so long because of Christmas delays, but it is done, at last, and is ready for testing.

Rings Cowl 09

The cowl is fastened using three ribbons (or in the above sample's case, i-cords).  Having ties for the cowl means it can be adjusted to fit the wearer on any given day with multiple options for styling and comfort. However, I know that some people would find tying three ribbons each time they wore a cowl annoying, so there is also an option that closes the cowl using 6 buttons.

Rings Cowl 01

The cowl uses either 1 x 100g skein or aran weight or 1 x 100g skein or worsted weight yarn.  The pattern is both written out in full and charted, so I would really like testers for both, to be sure all the instructions are covered.  Equally, I would like testers for both buttoned and ribboned fastenings.

I would like to get the testing finished before 31st January to ensure the pattern can be released while it is still cold, so please only volunteer if you are sure you can get the test finished in time.

I have opened a thread for interested testers which includes more details.  If you are interested, please reply in that thread and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You!


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