Friday 31 January 2014

Birthday Cowl

It was my Mum's birthday earlier this month.  About three weeks before her birthday she was talking about "future ideas" for gifts for her.  She wanted an infinity scarf and it should be in a neutral colour.  My Mum is also allergic to lanolin so a nice bouncy merino yarn was out, which is a shame because infinity scarves are lovely in merino.  So, with these requirements in mind, I set to exploring my stash.  I quite quickly found a very precious skein, Skein Queen Oasis Grande (a camel/silk blend) in the Titanium colourway.  This glorious 4 ply/fingering weight yarn was a purchase from the 2012 Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.

I had been saving this skein for something special, and I could only be prepared to part with it for my Mum. At least this way, I got to play with it while I knitted it, and it isn't hidden in my stash anymore.

Once I had decided on the yarn, I set about searching Ravelry for the right pattern for this almost solid, colourway and I really struggled to find something that would make it interesting enough to both knit and look at.  I wanted some texture rather than lace because I wanted to add depth to the cowl, and to help balance out the drape of the yarn.  I wanted to create enough volume to trap a reasonable amount of air. After quite some time spent on Ravelry I decided I would be better off searching my stitch dictionaries.  I was right, I found the perfect stitch pattern.

Skein Queen Cowl 04

I love how this turned out.  It was a really fun knit with a very easily memorised pattern.  The pattern can also be easily read on the knitting, so it is hard to get lost.  The stitch pattern I chose works really well with this drapey yarn, and the fabric flows beautifully.

Skein Queen Cowl 05

I cannot say how much it hurt to part with this accessory.  I adore it.  But the thing is, so does my Mum.

Skein Queen Cowl 01

One of the things I am most proud of, with this infinity scarf, is the grafting.  It was invisible!  Please excuse this less than ideal photo that I took with my phone to prove it.  I was so proud of my grafting I had to share it on Instagram!  You can hardly tell, even before blocking.


My Mum was very confused as to how it had been constructed as she knows enough about knitting to understand the direction of the pattern and the stitches, but she could not see the join - YAY!

So now you have heard how much I love this project you will understand why I had to cast one on for myself. This time I'm using the bouncy merino I initially thought would be ideal for an infinity scarf.

MadTosh Cowl 01

I'm using Madeline Tosh Tosh Sock, that was given to me by the lovely Tara.  I think this yarn is going to work in a completely different way from the Skein Queen.  It will be bouncy and highlight the more "semi" part of this semi-solid yarn.  The colour is Saffron and it is glorious!  I am definitely enjoying my first adventure with Madeline Tosh yarn.

By the way, if you haven't entered in the Scrumptious Collection Volume 3 giveaway from yesterday, you have until Friday 7th February to leave a comment on the review post.

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