Tuesday 20 August 2013

Woolly Wormhead's Hatopia

If you have read this blog for more than a year, you will know that one of my favourite hat designers is Woolly Wormhead. She writes interesting and beautiful patterns that are sized for children up to adults. The patterns are always well written and her tutorials are clear. She is an incredibly talented designer. She also lives on a bus in Italy, with a community of fellow artists!

Woolly Wormhead's home is currently under threat because of a single person, in the village where they live, who objects to this creative community. In order to help fight this individual in the courts, lots of money is required, which is something these artists don't have a lot of. In order to help raise funds to fight eviction Woolly Wormhead has put together a wonderful e-book called Hatopia.  If you want to find out more about the situation, please go here to read the full story.

As someone who believes that no one should be forced to leave their home because one person objects to them being there, I bought the book.  I also bought the book because it is a complete and utter bargain, at £9 for 10 patterns! There are at least four patterns in the book I want to cast on straight away. (Click on the individual images to see their Ravelry pages).





These are all patterns that have been published before, but I only own one of them, which is Runway and I own that because it was in the magazine it was originally published in.  Having it in digital form is much better! However, all the patterns have been revamped with new photographs and new pattern layouts.

All the patterns can be bought separately for £2.50, but I don't know why you wouldn't buy the whole book, which is only available as a limited edition.  Also, if you buy the patterns individually they won't contribute towards the fund, with the exception of Runway, where £2 of the price will be donated to the fund.

As I had the yarn for Arkanoid in my stash, I chose that pattern to cast on straight away.  The yarn recommended is BabyLongLegs Semi-Precious in the "Go" colourway that Sarah dyed to support fundraising for Refuge.  I love this green and the hat pattern is perfect for one of my favourite yarns.

Arkanoid 02

It's got a really lovely brim, created by starting with a provisional cast on and then joining those stitches to the live stitches. It's neat and feels good against your forehead.  I find myself liking these slouchy hats more and more, after knitting Drizzle.  I think they work well with my short hair.

Arkanoid 01

I like how hats made with silk content don't mess your hair up as much, when you take them off.  As this is a hat knit in 4-ply/fingering weight it is so light you hardly notice you are wearing it, which will be useful when there is only a bit of a nip in the air, but I don't want my ears getting cold.  We have a lot of weather in the UK which is cold but not really cold, so a lighter weight hat will probably get lots of wear.

The hat is an interesting knit with something to think about in each row, but not too much to think about.  It knit up really quickly because I was enjoying the process so much.  The crown looks beautiful, in my opinion.  As the yarn has great definition, the decreases really pop out.

Arkanoid 03

This hat was wonderful to make, and it is wonderful to wear.  I'm so pleased I started with this pattern.  I knit the 20" size as I have a 21" head, so decided to go down an inch rather than go up.  I am glad I did, as this is a perfect fit.  I also have exactly 50g left over, so I might be able to make some mitts to match!

I really recommend this book of patterns, particularly as we are starting to move towards Autumn, and hat wearing weather.  Maybe you could get a "head" start on your Winter Gift knitting too (pun intended).  I highly recommend this e-book, you get a great set of patterns for a bargain price, and you get to help a community of creative individuals hold on to their homes.

Hatopia by Woolly Wormhead


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