Friday 17 May 2013

Yummy Hand Spun

I have one FO I can share with you today.  It's my yummy hand spun yarn, made from the BFL Superwash fibre I bought from The Yarn Yard.

Superwash BFL 06

I love this yarn so much.  It's incredibly loosely spun, so I've gone from one extreme to another, but I think that BFL is tough enough to take it, especially once it's knit up.  It's also nice and bouncy, so I really want to find the right project for it to shine.

I have roughly counted the loops round my niddy-noddy and think I have approximately 300m of what I think is light-fingering or 3-ply, but it does have some variation in thickness.  It's not quite as bad as the last yarn I spun for that, but it is still there.

Superwash BFL 05

I decided that I should add a card to my yarn giving details of the fibre etc, just like I've seen proper spinners do.  I realised my business cards would be perfect.

Superwash BFL 08

There is quite a lot of space left on the back of these cards, so there is space for a hole to be punched, and for me to write the details.

Superwash BFL 07

I think it works, so I think I'll do it the next time I spin some yarn.  I have worked too hard on it to forget the important details.  Whilst at the moment I don't really have any other hand spun yarn, I hope that in a few months there will be a stack of it.  I'll need a reminder of what the yarn is then!

Next week I'll be able to share with you my secret knitting, but until then, click on the button to see other people's FOs.

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