Friday 15 March 2013

This post's for me

I haven't been blogging much over the last few months.  You probably don't notice that much, because you probably have a feed reader full of other blogs to read.  Speaking of feed readers if you use Google's Feed Reader you may be part of the mad scramble to find another reader to replace it.  I am trialling Feedly as it has an app for both Android and Apple.  It's ok, but if anyone has any other suggestions for replacements please let me know as I rely massively on my feed reader.

Anyway back to my original point.  I haven't been blogging much because my health is not great at the moment.  Someone at my surgery decided that as they couldn't find explicit instruction in clear language in my notes about why I should be taking a certain medication, which I've taken for several years, I needed to be referred back to a Consultant.  They did not refer my back to my original Consultant who I saw for nearly 10 years, but to a stranger.  So for 6 months I have had my meds messed about with and as a result my hormones have been all over the place and my endometriosis has been kicking my butt.  Six months down the line and I am back on my original meds and my hormones are still not stabilising.  I feel RUBBISH and as a result I've not been blogging as much.

I think my blogging has taken a back seat as I didn't have any energy to take pretty pictures, nor the brain power to write lucidly!  I've always subscribed to the school of thought that if you can't do something well, then don't do it at all.  It's a stupid way of doing things, especially if you are ill.  If I stuck to it rigidly I'd never do anything and all my crafting would never have got started, because no one can do anything perfectly at the first attempt.  So this blog post is just for me.  It is to remind me that just because it's not perfect I can still write a blog post, especially as there are things I want to tell you about.

Thing 1

I finished knitting Melia!!!  It is gorgeous, but it isn't blocked yet, and it might not be for a couple of weeks, because of health issues.  I haven't sewn in the pockets yet as I want to block it first.  When it is blocked, the pockets sewn in and a zipper added I will take some photos and I will blog about it properly, but I just wanted to crow in triumph that the first CTM and KTQ2013 project is pretty much finished.

Thing 2

As I have finished my first CTM project, it was time to start the second one.  I dived into box number 2 and pulled out 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Angel, bought in January 2011.  (I'm beginning to detect a Debbie Bliss theme here, first Fez and now Angel?).

I am currently searching for the right project for this yarn.  I have narrowed it down to two fairly straight forward projects, one was a free pattern I got when I bought some Rowan Kidsilk Haze last year and the other is Just a Whisper Wrap/Scarf by Tonia Barry.  I am currently leaving towards the freebie pattern I got called Wiggly Edge Shawl, as I think the wrap would be lovely but would be a touch boring to knit..

Thing 3 

As I have also finished my first Knit the Queue 2013 project, I thought I'd cast on for another project from my queue, a Woolly Wormhead pattern called Sumner.  The pattern is from Classic Woolly Toppers and uses a 4ply yarn.  The pattern specifies Semi-Precious by BabyLongLegs, but I have some really nice BooSock from BabyLongLegs in stash that I want to use instead.  BooSock has 80% merino and 20% bamboo, content.  It has some of the sheen and strength that Semi-Precious has, so I think the replacement will work.

Boo Sock

This hat will hopefully be a nice Spring weight hat, though knitting it in sock weight yarn might take a while.  I have caked the yarn and will start swatching this weekend.


I'm looking forward to tackling a few smaller projects for a while after the big project that was Melia.  I also like that I am ticking off two more items from the "things I want to do this year" list and I'm using stash yarn for both.

I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks my health will settle down a bit and I will have more pretty pictures to show you, but until then I will keep on blogging for myself, trying to write down the things I want to remember and hope you don't mind the shoddy writing and lacklustre photographs!


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