Wednesday 27 March 2013

5 Random Things

Tecrin of Tecrin Tries tagged me share 5 random things about myself.  Normally I'm not that interested in joining in this sort of thing, but as I am a touch on the incapacitated side and photography is non-existent I thought this would be an ideal way of posting a blog that isn't necessarily craft related.  So here are 5 random things about me

Number 1
When I was 16 I went to boarding school in Surrey for 2 years.  It was a full scholarship and it was one of the hardest, most challenging and fun things I have done.  It taught me that I could cope with far more than I had previously imagined.  It was only a small boarding department of 30ish boys and girls, so it had quite a family feel to it, but as a sixth former I had quite a lot of responsibility on top of just studying for A'Levels

Number 2
My degree was in Media and Performing Arts.  I hadn't planned on going to university but going straight into trying to find work in a theatre production.  My mum persuaded me I should do a secretarial course so that I would never go hungry!  All the other people on the course were mature students or graduates who were using the course to help them get work.  All the graduates told me if I could do an RSA Higher Diploma in Secretarial and Adminstrative Procedures, I could do a degree standing on my head!  I was persuaded to apply for two courses.  I was declined for the course on the south coast, which was to do with media production as that was more television and radio based.  I got accepted for the course in Leicester and decided to go.  I'm glad I did get a degree, but I am a bit sad I never got to use it.

Number 3
Before I got sick, I worked in financial services, specialising in research on pensions and investment advice.  I didn't give the advice, but I produced the research on which the advice was based.  Some aspects of my job were really satisfying, but my creative side was a bit stifled.

Number 4
I used to sing.  I had lessons and everything!  I think one of the most fun singing experiences I had was playing Katisha in The Mikado.  Just to give you an idea, here is one of the solos I sang.

I preferred more jazz and blues singing though.  Sadly I cannot sing properly anymore because I haven't got the control or lung capacity.  I can't practice because it hurts too much sitting or standing for any period of time and singing well requires practice.  Because I can't sing well, I generally don't sing.  It is the one thing I really mourn the loss of.

Number 5
I don't drink tea or coffee.  I never have.  I can't stand either of them.  I've tried to like tea and have tried it several times over the years.  The closest I've come to not hating it, was Earl Grey without milk.  I still didn't like it enough to want to drink it regularly though.  The smell of coffee no longer makes me heave, but I still can't bring myself to drink it.  I believe this makes me a freak in many people's eyes!

I hope that these things are random enough!  I won't tag anyone, but I'd enjoy it, if any of my followers did something similar on their blog and let me know so I can find something random about them.


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