Wednesday 5 September 2012

Picking Your Braaaaaains!

My major work in progress, is a shawl design.  It started from the Craftsy class I am taking on Lace Shawl Design with Miriam Felton.  I chose the course as I thought it would help clarify how to work out repeats, etc., and how to transition lace charts.  I was right, it did really help with that.  In fact, I really recommend the course for anyone wanting to take their first steps into designing their own shawls.  It doesn't teach how to write patterns, but it does teach you how to work out your own charts.

So, as a result of this class I have created my first triangular wedged shawl pattern.  Here's a sneaky peak.

Refraction Shawlette 03

I knit my first shawlette version in Candy Skein Yummy Fingering in Blue Bubble Gum - I LOVE this colour.  It was what tempted me into ordering my very first yarn from the USA.  I would definitely recommend this yarn, but it is cheaper for me to buy independently dyed yarn from the UK, if only because of the postage.  I plan on knitting my large scale shawl in this gorgeous stuff.

Precious Lace 02.jpg

It is BabyLongLegs Perfection Lace.  It is DIVINE.  It is a pure silk laceweight and it has taken the dye like a dream.  The yarn is balled up and raring to go.  But, before I start knitting this sample, I have a question for you to answer, what shape shawl do you prefer?

The charts for this design are based around a simple isosceles triangle and as such there are two basic shapes of shawl that I want to adjust this pattern for;

Half Circle Shawl Construction


Large Triangle Shawl Construction

The shawlette sample was knitted as a half circle shawl, which I am very fond of.  What I want to know, as a rule, which shape of shawl do you prefer; the half circle, or the large triangle?  Or, should I write a pattern that includes both styles and let the knitter decide (even if it complicates the pattern?).

I want outside opinion because my inclination is always towards the half circle style, because that is what I like.  I want to know what potential customers like before I let my personal opinions cloud the design process.  As I don't have a vast market research company to tap into, I thought I'd exploit tap into your expertise and preferences.

Which shape of shawl do you prefer to buy patterns for? free polls 

I'd be really grateful if you could vote, using the above poll, and if you want to go further, leave a comment explaining why this is your preference.

I love designing for myself, but more than anything else I want to design something that other people will want to knit.  It is not that I just want to sell the pattern, I also really enjoy seeing other people knit my designs and get pleasure from them.  Key to ensuring that pleasure is giving them the shape they prefer wear.

Thanks so much for bearing with my blathering on, about what most designers keep as a private process, and I hope that when the pattern is finished I'll be able to show you what your input has helped to create.

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