Friday 6 July 2012

Color Affection v.2.0

I am sooooo happy with my second Color Affection Shawl.  It's beeeyoootiful!

Color Affection B 17

I just love how these three yarns work together.  The contrast between the sheens of the contrast yarn and the matte finish of the main yarn gives an additional dimension to the texture of garter stitch.

I made adjustments to the pattern to use up more yarn and to increase the size.

Color Affection B 16

The final size is 17" deep and 70" in width, though this is just the curved edge to curved edge, rather than tip to tip.  In the photo below you can see the extra rows I added.

Color Affection B 15

I added an extra short row repeat section, then I added two more similar repeat sections, but they went the whole width of the shawl, rather than turning for short rows.

Color Affection Comparisons

I think you can just about see the difference in these two photos.  I think the adjustment gives just enough depth for me. I wanted it to cover my upper arms as that is where I get cold and it allows me ease of movement to have the lower arms uncovered.

Color Affection B 14

It wraps around me beautifully and the colours work really well with a big chunk of my wardrobe.  I had a gap in my shawl collection that this has fitted into beautifully!

It drapes beautifully because of the silk and bamboo content in the green yarns.

Color Affection B 13

It's just a really great shawl, that I enjoyed knitting, in lovely yarns and that I will wear a LOT.

Color Affection B 10

It's so lovely when a plan comes together!  To see other finished projects, click on a button.

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