Friday 3 February 2012

Finished Fiddleheads!

Yes, I finally have finished Fiddlehead Mittens - and I love  them.  They are so wonderfully warm without causing my hands to overheat - a perfect combination.

Fiddlehead 09

As you can see, in contrast to the photos in my last post about these mittens, there are no lumps and bumps.  I can fit my hand inside one without forcing it into a crabbed claw.

Fiddlehead 11

As you can probably tell, I am delighted!  I solved the lining problem by following the directions given by Lucyann in her project notes.  It worked!  I am definitely going to check helpful project notes for knits before casting on next time. It would have saved me a bit of time if I had done for this project.

If you don't know where Helpful Notes are located, look at the Projects page and select the most left hand drop down menu and select Helpful Notes. The projects with the highest number next to the little lifesaver graphic has been found useful by the most people.

I'm so impressed at how neat the lining is after blocking.  I used the leg part of my sock blockers, which have a nice mitten shaped top, and wet blocked them.  I don't know if the shaping on the top of the blockers is deliberate or not, but it worked a treat.  Blocking these mittens made such a difference to the fit and the appearance that I can't believe that I was debating whether they needed it or not!

Fiddlehead 10

I am very tempted to apply this type of lining design to a bag or a hat.  It would make a hat super warm and give a bag a professional looking lining without having to sew one in.  Hmmm....... thoughts aplenty there!

I hope you click on the buttons below to check out other people's projects.  There are always some corkers!

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