Friday 17 February 2012

Day 4 of Blog Hub Swap

I have got into a little morning routine this week.  I get up and do all things you do when you start your day.  Then, I go to my sofa, which is set up by the PC, and I reach for my lovely bag of wonders from Marie and I pull out a red wrapped parcel.  Then I peel back the paper and pull out Marie's little note and wrestle with the sticky tape sealing the bubble wrap.  I then smile broadly and pull out the camera.  Look what I got today!

Package 04 a.jpg

This is fudge made with maple syrup.  Apparently this is from Wood Homestead in Stamford, NY.  I did a quick search on Google and found their Facebook Page.  I've never had maple syrup, it's not something that we get very often in the UK.  We tend towards the Golden Syrup end of the sugar spectrum.

As a purely scientific endeavour I felt that I had to try one of these "candies".  I feel I have to use inverted commas for this word, as I feel really Americanised using it.  In the UK we have sweets!  I can confirm that these are indeed delicious and sweet, but there is no overly sickly sweet after-taste, that you get with some fudge.  The flavour is really mellow and rich.  I am delighted to have a few more of these to treat myself with over the next few days!

Package 04 b.jpg

I think I am going to hide these so no one else gets a look in!  Not only are they delicious they have really pretty shapes.

So back to my currently daily routine.  After I take my photos of the parcel, I look up the Month of Craft Photos subject and go and take my snap.  Today's subject was Day 17 - Last FO You Used.  All I had to do work out what this photo should be was to look down to see my slippers.  Remember these?

Day 17 - Last FO You Used

Then I looked across the room to see my cat taking advantage of another FO that gets used every day.

Parsley on The Bag

See that lovely fabric trapped underneath her furry backside? It was meant to be a project bag.  It was claimed by the cat, who loves it more than anything else in the world.  She plays with the ties, she chases it around the room, sliding across the floor, and then sits on it wherever it ends up.  I don't think I could take it off her if I tried!

Then I realised that this wasn't a FO that I used, it was used by my cat so it didn't count.  The slippers photo had to be the one submitted. I had to share this photo with you anyway, because I wanted you to see the face of a cat who isn't going to have her bag taken away!

So, that is today's morning routine out of the way.  I can't believe I have three more days of the Blog Hub Swap and eleven more days of the Month of Craft Photos.  So much extra work, and so much extra fun.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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